Vision and Mission

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A.  Vision

                STVPS is a globally competitive Catholic Educational Institution in the Service of God and People.

B.  Mission

STVPS is wholeheartedly committed to:

1. Serve the poor                                                                               

2.  Develop globally competitive students and school personnel

3. Produce innovative technical competence

4. Instill love of country and promote social justice and peace

5. Educate the community of families become instruments in spreading God’s word


1. Love of God through Preferential Option for the Poor 

a) Cheerful Generosity

b)  Charity

c)  Caring for the Poor

2.  Academic Excellence

a)  Responsible diligence 

b)  Perseverance

c)  Determination

3. Technical Competency and Development of Special Skills

a)  Patience

b)  Discipline

c)  Responsibility

4.  Patriotism and Social Responsibility

a)  Respect

b)  Equality

c)  Empathy

5.  Evangelizing Agent

a)  Parish Involvement

b)  Proclaimer of God’s Word

c)  Witnessing